In any art form, authenticity is extremely important.  Art is the expression of soul and emotion, and it succeeds when it moves the beholder into a deeper level of feeling and self-reflection.  Music is said to be the universal language, as it needs no translator to express its meaning; it can be directly felt without explanation.  If a singer is not in love with the song she sings, it will just be a technical exercise.  A singer should sing only those songs with which she is in love, otherwise the delivery will just be perfunctory.  Further, the voice is an instrument; each one of us has our own sonic vibration.  If a singer is not a “belter”, when she tries to belt a tune, it will come off as inauthentic.  Similarly, if a singer loves barrel house tunes, singing a sensitive ballad will be a challenge, and will no doubt make the listener uncomfortable.  

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