Negative space in any art form should never be under-estimated.  Leaving breathing room between expressions enhances the impact and meaning of that expression.  When things get too busy, the mind gets confused and the spirit becomes restless.  Miles Davis was famously in support of a certain minimalism in music and was known to have shouted at fellow musicians, “you’re playing too many notes!”  His favorite vocalist was Shirley Horne, who left a lot of space between notes.  I believe she was the only vocalist with whom the great horn player recorded.  If you want to hear an example of other vocalists using negative space to great effect, listen to Ray Charles singing “I Can’t Stop Loving You”, or Fats Domino singing “Blueberry Hill”.  Notice how there is no rushing, or filing the space up with unnecessary elements.  If you contemplate a painting, the image(s) in that painting are far more appreciated if they reside in a plane that allows that image to be seen, rather than buried in a flurry of images and color.  The heart should have leave to contemplate what is happening in the positive space, by its juxtaposition to a clear and pure field.

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