The root of jazz is blues.   Some don’t get this; however, inarguably, there would be no jazz without the blues.  The origination of this music from the fields of the antebellum South is well documented.  It is the only original art form to come out of the United States of America, and is our great contribution to the world. The music itself has always been reflective of the time in which it was expressed, just like all indigenous art forms, and is an expression of the life experiences of the innovators of the form.  In the last couple of decades, the music is being learned almost exclusively in the classroom.  There are some excellent musicians with this upbringing but not coming from the experience that created the music can often present a handicap with respect to the feeling of it.  You can read a chart perfectly, but if you don’t have the ears, and the music is not coming from the heart, there is something very vital that is missing.  Frankly, the feeling of the blues is missing.  Miles Davis once said something like, “If it ain’t comin’ from your life, it ain’t coming out your horn”. 

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