Gloria Lynne was one of the most accomplished and prolific jazz vocalists on the music scene from the 1950’s through the 1970’s.  Her resonant contralto was heard on more than 25 albums.  I first heard her when I was 14 years old, and she has been one of my very favorite singers ever since.  Her years recording on the Everest label, produced the crème of her repertoire.  She was hugely popular during that time, but bad business management left her virtually poverty stricken, as she never got royalties from those fabulous recordings.  She survived through performance bookings, but there was a time when she was virtually homeless.

Gloria’s voice and command of the music was superlative.  She had a clarity of tone and could interpret a song with great feeling.  Few can paint a picture with a song the way that Gloria could.  As a child, she sang in church choirs, and as a teen and young woman sang on rhythm and blues recordings.  She also briefly trained for the opera.   Despite the opera influence, Ms Lynne could swing, and was a true jazz singer.  I invite you to listen to her recording of, “I Wish You Love”, which made the Billboard top 100 , and became her most enduring hit.  She was said to have only learned the song the evening before recording it.  Amazing.  

There are so many tunes that I love by Gloria, like “He Needs Me”, “I Thought About You”, “And This Is My Beloved”.  I could go on.  I have every Everest recording Ms Lynne produced, and she has an indelible place in my music library and in my heart. 

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