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Dear Gayatri, Whenever I see your beautiful daughter on The Talk, it's like seeing you , back in the early 80's when we were in the artists support group. It seems like another lifetime - where are they now? Please let me know if you make another album, I still enjoy Honeysuckle Rose so much. Hope you are healthy and happy, Regina

If you are ever performing the Phoenix area, please let me know. I would love to hear you perform again.

Let me know if you ever perform in the D.C. or West Palm Beach area or any where on the east coast

you go!

Tried to respond to your emails, but you have a gate up that needs permission to enter. Please allow my entry, so we can discuss your photos I took at Jazz at 808. They are awesome!

Good Morning! I am happy that I finally found you. I often asked myself,where you were these days.I wuld love to hear your CD. I would also love to meet you. I was impressed with your interview in Eyes On The Prize

Caught your dynamite first set at Anna's Jazz Island last week. I didn't think anyone could equal Ella's rendition, but I was wrong. You did it. What a terrific introduction to Robin Gregory. You're a Bay Area treasure! When are you next at Anna's?

Robin, I've been thinking about you and a friend suggested I look you up online. What a surprise to find your music. Synde and I are buying your cds. Please drop me a line so we can reconnect. We are still in Charlotte, NC. Hope all's well. Susan

Hi Robin, Just wanted to say 'hello' and find out where you perform. I'd love to drop by next time I'm in CA.

robin, you don't know me but we finished howard u. together. i was in pharmacy. i'm about to retire from a hospital in jersey and do some photography. i love jazz,always did but didn't know about your career until i typed your name at work. i'll be trying to locate your cds

Thanks for 2 wonderful sets 5/19/07 at Anna's. You sing my favorite songs and I can't get enough of "You Go To My Head". Do you sing "Desafinada"? You owe me 50 cents. Per Wikipedia Gloria Lynne recorded as part of R&B group The Enchanters which later became the Dell-Tones in the 50's. She used her birth name Gloria Alleyne at that time. I joined your e-mail list. See you at your next gig.

Robin, your MP3 samples on this site don't contain any of your singing, just the lead-in piano...

Robin, thanks for the magical show in Berkeley on 6/17/06, and thanks for singing Dream for us. :)

Hi Robin You are the bomb! Love your music as much as we love you! Carmen, Eric and little Eric (your twin)

Hi Auntie- I just bought your CD. You are so inspiring! We love ya! Kathrina

Its a pleasure to know someone like you.. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to view u're site.. I love it. Keep on Keepin on....

Robin, George Bumbray passed me your cd, Honeysuckle Rose. Congratulations and best of luck for continued success. From your old schoolmate, Charlie, Payne, McKinley Tech, Washington, D.C.

Great site, Robin! Sing on my sister... Marva (www.marvaholiday.com)

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