Honeysuckle Rose

by Robin Gregory

Released 2001
Wildbird Records
Released 2001
Wildbird Records
Ms Gregory provides an intimate listening experience, not superficial, but deeply emotional. She has a very unique, distinctive style, yet there are reflections of many of the great jazz divas, with a remarkable similarity in tone to that of Chris Connor
"If you think about it, many of the most memorable jazz recordings through the years have had a high degree of sensuality. That goes for instrumentals, as well as vocals. Of course, it was true of Lady Day, and Sarah Vaughan, but it's equally true of Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, and Bill Evans. Robin Gregory continues in that luscious tradition. Her velvet voice and lovely phrasing speaks to your ears and gently caresses your heart."
- Bud Spangler, music producer

"Robin Gregory uses dusky contralto tones, subtle phrasing, and crystalline enunciation to draw the listener into the romance of her thoughtfully chosen material, from "Funny (Not Much)" and "Mood Indigo" to "Poor Butterfly", and the title track. Her musical portraits are elegantly framed by pianist-arranger, Bliss Rodriguez; bassist, Michael Jones; and drummer, Jimmy Robinson"
- Lee Hildebrand, East Bay Express

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